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Popular Aircraft Parking Game - New Version Released


Recently only, SPEC INDIA - software apps development and mobile solution provider company had launched its new version of most popular Aircraft Parking game on 15th November, 2013. This release has a new theme with few bugs fixes:

 Aircraft Parking game is becoming most popular among users. As it is most easy and entertaining mobile gaming. With a whopping response, where nearly 2000 downloads that happened in the initial release, we got inspired to give more. Hence, we added one more theme with five different planes. So now, navigate your planes to the parking area without collision of other planes, and let’s see far can you save your planes.

New Features Of Aircraft Parking Game:
  • Pleasing new environment: Water based environment with landing base.
  • New planes to park only in their defined area.
  • Glassy plane touch. Easier to park your plan, smoother than before.
  • Handle more number of planes at a time, with an increased difficulty level.
Download Link : Popular Aircraft Parking Game

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Aircraft Parking Game


Aircraft Parking is a game to simulate plane parking at airport and manage traffic of planes. User’s goal is to keep the sky clean and don’t allowed planes to collide.

Air traffic control is the most stressful job for anyone but you will enjoy controlling traffic in Aircraft Parking game.

Aircraft Parking game has two kinds of planes, one is Jet plane and other is a charter plane. User will have to runway to park planes. One runway is locked at starting of game. User needs to reach at minimum score to unlock runway. User can select theme as per his choice. Currently “Green Grass” and “Desert” themes are available and more to come in next versions.

  1. “Green Grass” and “Desert” theme
  2. Two types of Aircraft
  3. Smooth and fast air craft path drawing
  4. Eye catchy animation for gaining powers
  5. Switching the sound ON or OFF
  6. Maintain game highest score details
  7. Ad integration
  8. Score sharing on Facebook and twitter

With just one download enjoy playing Aircraft Parking Game

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Basic Physics Engine for Mobile Game


Basic Concepts of Physics Engines

The basic purpose of physics engine is to animate game objects similar to real world objects. It depends on mobile game developer that how he/she maps game object with physical object.

Box2d supports two types of objects. One is dynamic which is moving around and other is static, which doesn’t move. The difference is that the static object never moves. Also static body never collides with other static object. And if it does, then it becomes dynamic object.

While talking about dynamic object, it collides with each other as well as it can collide with static object also. Dynamic bodies have three parameter, which we should define. First is Density, which is similar to heaviness of an object. Second parameter is Friction, which describes how slippery the body is with respect to surfaces. And last one is Restitution, which is bouncy property of an object. Physics engine creates dynamic objects that will never lose its momentum as it bounces. It also gains speed when it collides with some other objects.

Both types of objects have their own one or more shapes that determine the area the body, which it encompasses. The shape might be a line, circle, rectangular, polygon or number of vertices, which forms any complex shape.

Limitations of Physics Engines

All physics engines have their own limits. All have to use shortcuts. The real world is prohibitively complex to simulate using any physics engine without shortcut. It is not possible for all physics engine to catch each collision especially in cases, when objects are moving very fast. In this case each body cannot tunnel with other. While in real world you feel that bodies are collide with each other.

The other limitation is of Gameplay. Using physics engine you will never know what will happen. The player may interact with body while engine forcing the body to another place. Some players may manage to save themselves but other may trap them in a dead-end situation. The player may figure out how to use physics simulation and reach to areas that they shouldn’t able to reach.

If rigid bodies are constrained by joints, sometimes they collide and get stuck to each other, this situation results an undesirable shaking movement of bodies as they have hassle to move away (apart) while keeping their constraints satisfied.

A) Physics engines in cocos2d
  • Cocos2d game engine provides you two physics engines from which you can choose. The engines are Box2d and Chipmunk. The basic difference in both engines is the language of development. Box2d is written in C++ which has object oriented nature while Chipmunk is written in C language. It depends on developer’s requirement to choose any physics engine. 
  • Most mobile game developer chooses the physics engine, which is easy to understand and to integrate, also the engine, which is well documented. Box2d engine fulfills most of need of mobile game developer because it is easy to integrate and also well documented and other plus point is that it is written in C++ which is object oriented.

B) Physics engines in Box2d
  • The Box2d physics engine is written in C++ language. Erin Catto has developed this engine. He gave presentation on physics simulation at Game Developers Conference (GDC) every year from 2005. The release of Box2d in September 2007 is due to his GDC presentation in the year 2006.

Cocos2d distributes Box2d because of its popularity. To create new Box2d project you can choose cocos2d Box2d Application template from Xcode.

This project template adds the necessary Box2D source files to the project and provides a test project. In the basic project the user can add boxes that bounce off each other.

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Achieve Smooth Animation in iOS Games


Are you iOS game developer? Then there are many latest technical’s which you should know to develop any game app. As a game developer, it’s naturally that you should know about different design patterns, animation and smoothness. Nowadays, it’s very much necessary to develop any game, which can attract users by its animations and designs.

For any game whether it’s for iPhone or iPad there is a need of proper animation. Now question arise in your mind must be what is animation? We can say as, animation means sequence of images changes to create illusion movement. Then comes the second question in the mind of any iOS game developer that – how to achieve this animation in iPhone or iPad game?

Achieve Smooth Animation In iPhone And iPad Games

There are many ways to implement animation in game like CCSprite, TextureAtlas and CCSpriteBatchNode. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. As per our experience, we found that CCSpriteBatchNode is best in all of them. Now you much be thinking – why? It’s need.


Whenever user wants to change image of sprite then he/she has to change image or texture so the graphics hardware has to prepare the rendering. Rendering and cleanup after rendering is overhead due to single texture. To overcome this iOS game developer can lighten graphics hardware that you have a group of sprites that should be rendered on same texture. it is easy for graphics hardware to render and cleanup rendering only once for group of sprites.

If you have around 40 to 50 images to represent like blast and if you render them one by one, the FPS of your game would drop by I think 15%. Using CCSpriteBatchNode you can retain your game FPS and also running your game at top speed.

When to Use CCSpriteBatchNode:

Use CCSpriteBatchNode when you want to display two or more images of the same kind in CCSprite. The more Images you can group together, the greater the benefit of using CCSpriteBatchNode.

Limitation of using CCSpriteBatchNode is that all CCSprite nodes are added to CCSpriteBatchNode. All CCSprite nodes added to it so they can be drawn at same z-order. When you want to set CCSprite with different z-order then you have to create two CCSpriteBatchNode.

How to use CCSpriteBatchNode:

In order to use CCSpriteBatchNode, you should create image using all images you want in batch and also create plist file which contains characteristics of all images. Call it sprite sheet.

To create sprite sheet one has to actually create using image-editor.

We are using zwoptex to create png and plist with group of images. Remember in publish setting select cocos2d format.

Select document height and width as small area as possible in which all your image are included. It will increase texture performance.

Use following code to cache the sprite frames and textures. It will load created texture into frame cache.

[[CCSpriteFrameCache sharedSpriteFrameCache] addSpriteFramesWithFile:@"gift.plist"];

Create CCSpriteBatchNode as follow,
CCSpriteBastchNode *gift = [CCSpriteBatchNode batchNodeWithFile:@"gift.png"];

This will create object of CCSpriteBatchNode with file.The file contains all images you want to render on CCSprite

Get list of frames,
NSMutableArray *walkAnimFrames = [NSMutableArray array];

for (int i = 1; i <= 2 ; ++i)

[walkAnimFrames addObject:[[CCSpriteFrameCache sharedSpriteFrameCache] spriteFrameByName:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%d.png", i]]];
I have two images in my gift.plist so loop two times. You can loop through as much image as you have in your texture.

Create the animation object,
CCAnimation *walkAnimation = [CCAnimation animationWithSpriteFrames:walkAnimFrames delay:0.2f];
walkAnimation will animate all frames in spritesheet and render all images one by one onto CCSprite.

Create sprite and run the animation action,
   CCSprite *giftAnim = [CCSprite spriteWithSpriteFrameName:@"1.png"];
Create CCSprite object on which you run animation
           id runAction = [CCRepeatForever actionWithAction:[CCAnimate actionWithAnimation:walkAnim]];
           [giftAnim runAction:runAction];
           [gift addChild:giftAnim];

Now we hope all the iOS game developer had understood how and why to use CCSpriteBatchNode in game to show animation. Let’s start to develop iPhone games in such away. Best of luck!!!!!!!!