Aircraft Parking Game

Aircraft Parking is a game to simulate plane parking at airport and manage traffic of planes. User’s goal is to keep the sky clean and don’t allowed planes to collide.

Air traffic control is the most stressful job for anyone but you will enjoy controlling traffic in Aircraft Parking game.

Aircraft Parking game has two kinds of planes, one is Jet plane and other is a charter plane. User will have to runway to park planes. One runway is locked at starting of game. User needs to reach at minimum score to unlock runway. User can select theme as per his choice. Currently “Green Grass” and “Desert” themes are available and more to come in next versions.

  1. “Green Grass” and “Desert” theme
  2. Two types of Aircraft
  3. Smooth and fast air craft path drawing
  4. Eye catchy animation for gaining powers
  5. Switching the sound ON or OFF
  6. Maintain game highest score details
  7. Ad integration
  8. Score sharing on Facebook and twitter

With just one download enjoy playing Aircraft Parking Game

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